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burn a little sage
AVAILABLE 10.24.18


"Penn's charm is rooted in his sincerity. His songs are unpretentious and entirely heartfelt. It's impossible to listen to his voice and not feel a little more hopeful about human evolution. Burn A Little Sage is a paean to unity and healing that's as catchy as it is uplifting - it deserves to be heard from a festival stage with a thousand voices singing along."– MK, Radio Woodstock 100.1 WDST







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Jack Kerouac meets Hunter S. Thompson meets JD Salinger meets Ram Dass. A journalistic account of every day Penn studied in Australia with all of the trippy, wine-filled, spontaneous adventures in full color.

A compilation of Penn's journey after 150,000 miles. Songs recorded in studios, apartments, sheds, and at live shows across the US. A rare self-burned and hand-signed physical CD that may disappear at any moment.