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Tampa Sessions (Live)

these songs came to me as mantras in a time when i needed them and it’s gratifying to hear how much others resonate with the messages. every day these stories remind me to be a better partner, a more learned man, and a kinder soul. the past several months have been a period of deep darkness and to emerge with these reminders is beyond a blessing. i’d never claim to be perfect and the lyrics in this live album prove it. transmitted through heavy meditation and quick cosmic history insights, it’s my most honest collection yet. now they are yours.

what will be will be will be…

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reusable straws

My partner @TheStrawLady has been making stainless steel wire-wrapped reusable straws in an effort to reduce plastic pollution worldwide. They come in two sizes (small + large) in a variety of colors, with freshwater pearls, crystals, and beads. Each order includes a canvas bag and a cleaning brush. Order one by clicking below and help us quit plastic!

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tour dates

Book Penn for an event by clicking below.

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Folk & Fire

Host Penn Johnson & 1GirlFire for a healing acoustic musical performance accompanied by fire spinning, hooping, poi, eating, and breathing. Invite your community to share the experience. Click the button below to book an event near you!

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Live Music Yoga

For all styles/flows.

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Trail Mix & Goon

Jack Kerouac meets Hunter S. Thompson meets JD Salinger meets Ram Dass. A journalistic account of every day i studied abroad in Australia. it’s got everything from how to build a passive solar house to composting to conversations with elders to wine-drunk wanderings to festivals in the Ozzie jungle to hitch-hiking and long meditative beach walks. Available in Print or Digital.

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