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Penn Johnson channels and projects stories through song. A Massachusetts native, Penn has traveled the country solo for most of his adult life. His first memoir Trail Mix & Goon: Adventures Abroad in Oz was published at age 26. His debut studio single Burn a Little Sage was released independently in October 2018 and was a semi-finalist in the 2018 Music City Star Song Competition. His first EP Tampa Sessions (Live) — a solo acoustic session recorded Live in Tampa, Florida by Joe Giannotti — is self described as ‘healing mantras to inspire spiritual growth and build a deeper connection to Mother Earth and the Cosmos.’ Penn lives in a van, touring and traveling wherever he is called.

Press Quotes

"Penn's charm is rooted in his sincerity. His songs are unpretentious and entirely heartfelt. It's impossible to listen to his voice and not feel a little more hopeful about human evolution. Burn A Little Sage is a paean to unity and healing that's as catchy as it is uplifting - it deserves to be heard from a festival stage with a thousand voices singing along."

"Penn is a super refreshing songwriter with honest lyrics and passionate vocals. He lives the words that he writes and is putting in the work to spread his message."

"He speaks from experience and his teaching tone is compassionate and direct. I hear Dylan and Tom Waits in his music, but without the triple meaning phrases and with a much better voice. He strums well and he fingerpicks fine, but the lyrics and the message are always the focus. This cat is the real deal."

"Penn Johnson's songs tell stories that resonate soulfully while connecting with audiences on an intimate level. He makes accessible powerful narratives touching on timeless issues, and his unique sound works in any venue or medium. As a radio host I have worked with him live in the studio, and listeners seem to relate positively to his unique style. As do I."

"Just as David was a master of the lyre, so it helps to have a fine musician like Penn Johnson deep in the middle of this combat!"

Fan Testimonials

I think Mountains of Colorado is the best folk song I've ever heard."
– Fan Testimonial

– Fan Testimonial

"A combination of Nahko, Trevor Hall, & Dispatch."
–Fan Testimonial

"I feel like I'm in a trance. I feel like I'm on drugs."
–Fan Testimonial

"A voice like velvety goodness..."
-Fan Testimonial

"The words and music spoke to my heart."
-Fan Testimonial

"Powerful healing words at time when I really need them."
-Fan Testimonial

”I’ve listened to the CD 50 times and know most of the words. I call it ‘Broccoli Peace Rock.’"
-Fan Testimonial

I felt like he was with me during my yoga practice…mentally, spiritually, and physically.”

—Fan Testimonial

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(festivals & shows):
Wookiefoot, The Elovaters, Satsang, Nahko, Bumpin Uglies, Desert Dwellers, Nathan Feinstein (Iya Terra), Paul Izak, Treehouse!, Sun-Dried Vibes, Joey Harkum (Pasadena), Sessions Americana, Harsh Armadillo, and Christina Holmes.


Frendly Gathering, Project Earth, Old Settlers, Wanderlust 108, Soulshine, South Florida Folk, Kerrville Folk, Surrounded By The Sound, Women’s March: Naples FL, Vegfest: Bonita Springs, Manifest Station, Barefoot & Free


The Mint in L.A. ; The Velvet Lounge in D.C. ; The Saxon Pub in Austin, TX;
Higher Ground in Burlington, VT; Jack Rabbits in Jacksonville, FL; Douglas Corner Pub in Nashville, TN; Zeiterian Theatre in New Bedford, MA; The Met in Pawtucket, RI

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photo: Frank Steiger

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