Penn & The Lost Tribe are consciousness weaving nomads serving a higher purpose to pachamama & awakening her inhabitants. A 'Messenger of Love and Conduit for Peace" in his own words, frontman Penn Johnson says these songs flow through him like a channel. "I'm just writing them down," he says. "There's always an element of hope."

At live shows, the Tribe's unique style is essentially danceable spoken word. Penn's gruff vocals latch onto catchy hooks and upbeat strums while guitarist Jude Kincer guides the melody through bluesy soulful riffs and Matt Link's bass blossoms with his signature grooves. Stream-of-consciousness vignettes of Penn's experiences encourage audience members to sing along and release their spirits through movement.

The Tribe has shared the stage with Desert Dwellers, Iya Terra, Treehouse!, Bubba Love, Roots of Creation, Troll 2, Harsh Armadillo, Joey Harkum of Pasadena, and others since they hit the road. They've played The March Against Monsanto, UNH's SolarFest, Empire Control Room, Scruffy City Hall, The Mint, The Velvet Lounge, and venues, farmers markets, campfires, yoga studios, and festivals from the Northeast US to Los Angeles to Austin.

Urging others to realize their everyday choices have impacts, they also play intimate House Concerts, and acoustic Yoga classes/events and emphasize treating one's body like a temple. Everyone has a place in the tribe. So hop in the van and join them before they disappear!


"Stories that resonate soulfully and connect with audiences on an intimate level...accessible powerful narratives touching on timeless issues...his unique sound works in any venue."
WICN - Worcester Public Radio

"Equally at home at a campfire or a coffeehouse. He speaks from experience...compassionate and direct. This cat is the real deal."

"Just as David was a master of the lyre, so it helps to have a fine musician like Penn Johnson deep in the middle of this combat!" 

"Climate leader(s) of the millennial generation"

Beaumont EnterPrise

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what people say

"Talented songwriter [with a] free spirit and witty lyrics! His folk sound is mesmerizing. We could listen to him for hours!" 
GREEN TEAM, U Maine Orono

"A transcending, groovy acoustic set that will open your heart, calm your mind, and ignite your soul."

"Half activist half troubadour...lifted up a night of celebration into a whirlwind of song, dance, and discussion. Inspiring and contagious."


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photo: @digitalracket

photo: @digitalracket

photo: Lindsay Lewis

photo: Lindsay Lewis