Penn & The Lost Tribe are consciousness weaving nomads based out of Austin TX (now living in a van). A 'Messenger of Love' in his own words, frontman Penn Johnson says these songs flow through him like a channel, always bearing an element of hope. Since their first tour this summer, the Tribe's been writing, traveling, and recently lended their efforts to Austin-to-Houston Harvey Relief in Spring, TX as well as appearing at festivals including Soulshine, Irie Vibes, Camp Reggae, & Surrounded By The Sound, sharing the stage with Bubba Love from the Love Above. They've shared the stage with Desert Dwellers, Iya Terra, Roots of Creation, Harsh Armadillo, Treehouse! and other bands/songwriters/performers at venues, farmers markets, yoga studios, camps, and festivals from the Northeast US to Los Angeles to Austin. Find them wherever the winds of change blow this fall!

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Donations go to: producing art, eating healthy, volunteering with frontline communities, and recording/touring costs.


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