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New song ‘Echo’ out now 

this song came to me in Austin as I was passing through. i was thinking about what connects us all and how it's sorta unspeakable. it felt like an Echo. being deep in the forest or high on a mountaintop we are aware of this endless echo throughout space and time and it's always with us and inside us, wherever we go. we all feel and hear existence and our connection to our fellow beings and the cosmos as an echo. my buddy Mike Chafin recorded this analog (without digital equipment) in Tunkhannock, PA. that means it hasn't been edited and comes with all the rawness of my old music. one of many songs i'm excited to release to the world. full blood wolf moon in Leo and i sense a shift... xx Penn (1/21/19) 



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Jack Kerouac meets Hunter S. Thompson meets JD Salinger meets Ram Dass. A journalistic account of every day Penn studied in Australia with all of the trippy, wine-filled, spontaneous adventures in full color. Available in Print or Digital!

A compilation CD of Penn's journey after 150,000 miles. Songs about the road, love, revolution, compassion, and peace recorded in studios, apartments, sheds, and at live shows across the US. A rare self-burned and hand-signed physical offering that may disappear at any moment. Also comes with a digital download link and Penn is open to energy exchanges other than money (though shipping needs to be covered)


Penn offers many different vibrations & styles. Book him for a campfire, yoga class, Let’s Ohm About It! workshop, or private gathering.