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“In November of 2017, after years of darkness, I started down the path toward the light. Observing the struggles of the world, I realized infinite love is the answer (along with hope, healing, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, & speaking one's truth). This song embodies the struggle of the divine feminine, climate change, social justice, & stillness. I wrote it for the Women's March in a tree damaged by Hurricane Irma. Now, it's up to the world to listen. Burn a Little Sage, Remember Where You Are..." xx Penn

"Penn's charm is rooted in his sincerity. His songs are unpretentious and entirely heartfelt. It's impossible to listen to his voice and not feel a little more hopeful about human evolution. Burn A Little Sage is a paean to unity and healing that's as catchy as it is uplifting - it deserves to be heard from a festival stage with a thousand voices singing along."
– MK, Radio Woodstock 100.1 WDST

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Jack Kerouac meets Hunter S. Thompson meets JD Salinger meets Ram Dass. A journalistic account of every day Penn studied in Australia with all of the trippy, wine-filled, spontaneous adventures in full color. Available in Print or Digital!

A compilation CD of Penn's journey after 150,000 miles. Songs about the road, love, revolution, compassion, and peace recorded in studios, apartments, sheds, and at live shows across the US. A rare self-burned and hand-signed physical offering that may disappear at any moment. Also comes with a digital download link and Penn is open to energy exchanges other than money (though shipping needs to be covered)


Penn offers many different vibrations & styles. Book him for a campfire, yoga class, Let’s Ohm About It! workshop, or gathering!





about penn

Penn Johnson channels and projects stories through song – unlike any artist of our time. His sound is of a genre yet-to-be defined, but his true-to-life lyrics, acoustic melodies, wind-sung strumming, harmonic rhythms, and passionate (uni-)verses, echo an era that once collected the masses. Some call it folk – other simply recognize that the music flowing through him inspires dancing, conscious thought, and healing connection. A Massachusetts native, Penn has traveled the country solo for the majority of his young adult life playing wherever and to whomever he has been called. His first memoir Trail Mix & Goon: Adventures Abroad in Oz was published at the age of 26. His debut studio single Burn a Little Sage was released on the full moon in Taurus in October 2018. Loyal Patreon Support will bring a full 2019 tour and a full length debut album.