Live Music Yoga



“An amazing voice and a transcending, groovy acoustic set that will open your heart, calm your mind, and ignite your soul." GINGER BOERMEESTER, Roots Yoga

"Penn’s musical addition added a magical dimension. We settled in listening to his beautiful sound and worked our way into a steady flow. He intuitively followed along, understanding that sometimes a softer tone is called for and sometimes a driving beat."

I felt like he was with me during my yoga practice…mentally, spiritually, and physically.”
— Fan Testimonial


For the better part of a decade I’ve traveled the US performing at countless yoga studios and festivals from Coast to Coast. My percussive guitar and poetic style is inspired by love and community. The words and melodies that flow through me encourage expansive thoughts and a deeper connection to Spirit.


Zenfest Music and Yoga Festival
Harbor Music and Arts Festival
Manifest Station Yoga & Music Festival
Barefoot & Free Yoga Festival
Wanderlust 108 Yoga Festival
Lehigh Valley Yoga Festival
Kosha Yoga School in Sioux Falls, SD
Evolve to Harmony in Omaha, NE
Toes Yoga in Chattanooga, TN
Breathe Deep Yoga in Kearney, MO
Willow Tree Yoga in Rocky Mount, NC
Blue Sky Yoga in St Louis, MO
Body Electric Yoga in St. Pete, FL
Grassroots Kava Bar in St. Pete, FL
Every Body Yoga in Coventry, RI
Soulshine Yoga in Marco Island, FL
Emerge Hot Yoga in Ashland, OR
Roots Yoga in Burlington, MA