photo: Joe Heimbach

Penn Johnson

Penn Johnson is digging his roots into the earth and infectiously raising the vibrations of all those around him by weaving collective consciousness through storytelling, At live shows, his spoken word music and raw authentic energy inspires audiences to listen, reflect, and release their spirits through movement. A 'Conduit for Peace,' in his own words, he spreads the music flowing through him to encourage others to live more mindfully and closer to the Earth with the idea that we're all here as a global family. An avid practitioner of yoga, he also plays acoustic live music for yoga classes and workshops. You'll probably find him around a campfire somewhere or up in a tree.


Jude Kincer

Jude Kincer has been traveling the US for several years, hitching rides with strangers, hopping trains, and busking for enough cash to move along to the next place. Jude's lead guitar soothes and guides Penn's rhythmic strumming and fast-paced word flow adding a dimension of faster-paced tasteful solos and licks appropriate for each song. He continues to expand his musical talents daily.


Bubba Love

With a beautiful voice, a powerful message, an enormous heart and all the love in the world, Bubba Love will serenade you into bliss with his creative musical styling and witty freestyles. A different kind of musician hailing from Huntington, WV, he made his way to Myrtle Beach and becoming good friends with Treehouse!, their music along with the music of Mike Love and Josh Heinrichs, inspired him. Bubba eventually picked up the ukulele and taught himself to play; and has continued to evolve his music into something all his own. In 2015, Bubba made the choice to let the universe take over and carry him like a leaf on the breeze, which brought him to over 30 festivals in a year where he had the pleasure of spreading his music to thousands of beautiful people on a very personal and intimate level.