together we rise

No Capo
Gm, G, Bb, F

We're heroes with a message. floors gettin slippery. power and pipelines don’t define us as a country. tides are turnin up now. mother’s gettin angry. chant up zion babylon can’t hold me. channel has been opened. words free flowin. love from my fam’ly and homies keeps me goin. long nights, tall drinks, pass around the bowl yah. offer up a prayer to the most high JAH. livin in a pattern tryna break a spell of bad luck. pennies that I’m passin lately all them got their heads up.

takin notes from elders and I’ll teach 'em when it’s my turn. ocean fulla acid like a wook around a campground. been found, been proud, speakin to a different sound. been there done that, sun behind a rain cloud. disaster disaster gotta serve a master. slavery ain’t disappeared it’s just another chapter. head rush, soft touch, beggin for some change. lookin for enough cash to make it to the next place. head space, human race, gotta slow up our pace. future generations need us now more than ever say

together we rise

law of attraction: manifest thru action. truest beauty in this life comes thru ones compassion. got passion and I'm askin can we all get past this? wrap these words in harmony and gift ‘em to the masses. sands of time they're fallin through an hourglass. hurricanes n wildfires. prayin that the pain’ll pass. from standing rock to the black hills to Mauna A Wākea man I’ve signed my will. peaceful with an open fist. modern abolitionist. sacred fire burnin in me nobody can fake this. take this, bake this, cookin up a meal. let it simmer, peace for dinner, grain inside a grist mill. grind n grow find my flow, tell the people all i know, live a life of truth and love and in the end we let it go. let it go...

together we rise 4x

the circle will be unbroken 4x

share it, spread it, live it all ya can. join the tribe, sweat it out, be a better man. woman, child, whatever way you choose. i and i we and we wake up n flip the fuse. end to oppression, no need for aggression, find my self folding over every time i’m stressin. balance in diet keeps my feet down on the ground keeps my spirit from temptation and my words and message loud. strugglin with doubtfulness battling a darkened mess risin above, stayin love, stayin free, bless. colder in the shadows but I’m warm here by the fire. pray these words save me from my self n take me higher. protectin it’s a blessin. this life we live ends so quick it makes my head spin. 2x reckless, check this,
time to make a change said deception and addiction pickin pockets for some bread ‘ey. might not be the best but I’m runner up for sure yeah. servin somethin better help me spread this love and cure

together we rise