This machine

Capo 2/F
F, C, G Am

Burned the bridges that I built
See the marks here on my skin
Said I'd stay forever young
Now I don’t take those pills for fun
I ran away and tried to hide
From all the flashbacks in my mind
Staring numbly at the sun

It's all a video game
Our only savior came and was betrayed
We live in boxes and we take
our stress out on others, can’t catch a break
And though we've studied many brains
There are mysteries we don’t know
There are things our science can’t explain

I never sleep anymore
I drink until I hit the floor
Wake up the next day to see
I’m locked and chained and never will be free
Another hole is being drilled
My friends and family are being killed
It's all a part of this machine 2x

The world's all gone wrong ya see
There's whiskey in my coffee and my mornin tea
Another gig another day
The ones that said they'd be here never came
To beat the devil you gotta stay away
From all the thoughts that are slowly driving you insane
When your world's a salad on a spinning plate

Driving myself back to home
I wish this car would lose control
Don’t think I've got another day
Folksingers and prophets they both seem to say
We're all just matter in the sky
We're all just waiting round to die
Howl at the moon, hear her reply 2x

When I get back I'll write a song
And rip it up it cause it all sounds wrong
throw my boots on, crack a beer
pack my bags up and disappear
Drive to somewhere new, regress
Tack on a thousand last regrets
Kill the pain with my last cigarette 2x

Burned the bridges that I built
See the burn marks on my skin
Said I'd stay forever young…