Capo 3/ Bb
G, D, Em, C
G, D, C

Plant a seed
watch it grow
you won't be disappointed
water it with care
Cuz I hope you know
that nature shouldn't be exploited

you gotta start at the bottom
make your way to the top
take it step by step
it only takes a few drops
before long you'll be feeding your family
everything is equal
just like you and me
reflect upon nature and biodiversity

be observant and patient
good things take time
don't get stressed or angry easily
look around about you
enjoy living life
protect your air and water quality

you gotta start at the bottom
make your way to the top
you won't find enjoyment like this
in your local stop n shop
you can grow almost everything you need
we all are one
we all have a place
and sometimes kids like us need to take the lead

Monsanto owns a lot
GM crops are bad
we got a lot of hungry mouths to feed

so if you really want your plants to grow
and the birds to sing and the wind to blow
support organic and grow food locally

hit those farmer's markets

you gotta start at the bottom
make it up to the top
we're the generation now
that needs to make it all stop
cease pollution and political bribery
we need to look seven generations ahead
to what the world will be like
it looks like oil and dread
polluted water and no clean air to breathe

you gotta start at the bottom
before you get to the top
boycott walmart and exxon and stop n shop
protest the bullshit
and risk arrest for peace