Ohm Mani Padme Hum

Capo 3
C (high e, 2nd string 3rd fret, 3rd string 3rd fret), F
C, G, Am

Missed another exit
took the back roads home
closed my eyes a shovel
and I started to grow
I was a mushroom in the clouds and colors were so pure and i was looking for the answer and i was so sure
that I’d found it
oh but I never found it

I heard an incantation
from a wizard i know
left my self behind a couple miles ago
and i know i gotta cleanse wrestle and tackle my ego
that little trickster's tough and hungry
yes yes i know
i know
i know
i know

singin ohm mani padme hum
ohm mani padme hum

been outta touch so long
now I’m beginning to see
there is no right no wrong no race and no identity
yeah the purpose of this life just isn't clear to me
do i get slow down and buy a house on some abandoned beach and watch the sea life disappear from my back door

well I’ve been down and out
I know things could be worse
I’ve seen a lotta sunshine
seen a lotta hurt
And I know that’s life to one or two degrees
just tell the big man that you’re harmless
then you’re on your knees
and he holds his sceptor high
yeah he holds his sceptor high

singin ohm mani padme hum hum
ohm mani padme hum

seems we got distracted
back when things were green
escaping from the clutches of a king and queen
braved the ocean claimed the land
spread our infectious disease
and since then we've narrowed all our opportunities of survival
will our species survive this

we work in tiny boxes
pay off fees and debt
Argue with each other
on the internet
but if we win the lottery we'll be all set to go
to an island somewhere and nobody will know
where to find you
where will they find you

ohm mani padme hum hum
ohm mani padme hum

so live life while ya can
cuz when the oceans rise
and nearly everybody on this spaceship dies
at least you’ll have your stocks and suits and paper bills to light fires and life'll get a little easier cuz you suddenly find
that you had the best all along

And when you’re crossin over
you’ll begin to see
it just goes on on and on for all eternity
yeah the creatures and the forests and the sun and the sea
we gotta find a perfect balance, live in harmony
we all deserve to be here
yeah we all deserve to be here

ohm mani padme hum hum
ohm mani padme hum