New Single "Call of the Wind" available 10/27/19

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Whoa. This song is over a year in the making, but it took us till just TODAY to get it right. In fact, we started working on it again exactly one year TO THE DAY like two days or so ago. It's a full band song with my buddy Chad on mandolin, Matt (producer) on drums and bass, and our friend Kai on backup vocals. I'm on guitar, ukulele, and vocals. This song was inspired by the beginning of my journey playing music to my time at Harmony Park ('singin sisters swayin in the shady oaks...'), sitting around the fire with Mark Murphy and Uncle Jo of Wookiefoot ('talkin bout Tomorrow's from distant memories...' + 'uncle laughin bout a joke that he told') and I wrote it outside the driveway of my friend, fellow songwriter Christina Holmes in Rhode Island last summer. It came out quickly (probably within like 30 minutes) and it feels so good to release after an all-acoustic EP (listen to that here). The chorus was inspired by Manifest Station, a festival in Makanda IL, walking through the woods in the dark by the light of the moon, but more broadly references that there's always people looking out for us even though we can't see them. The lyrics came so fast because my thoughts just sounded like they needed to be listened to ('be humble but beware the ego easily clouds our messages and purpose cloaked in thick tricky shrouds, but let your spirits guide you, they will lead your way...'). It's a calm new-age anthem that seeks to remind us of the importance of listening to nature, specifically the wind, and to remember we're never truly alone.

with gratitude,
xx Penn Johnson