Gonna Getcha There Boys : Summer Tour 2017

BARBALOOTS! We're hitting the road this summer and traveling through a lot of the South and Northeast US (and we've still got dates to fill so help if you can!). We're stoked to be sharing this musical medicine and these magical healing vibes with our national Barbaloot Tribe. The past few months getting used to each others' playing styles, traveling, and learning more about this world and ourselves has left us hungry for more. We are humbled by the reactions of our fans, friends, and family for all their support and are excited to forge new relationships, build bridges of hope, and make new memories. All dates and locations for the tour are available at pennjohnson.net/tour and if you can help on out street team shoot us an email at team@pennjohnson.net so we can make as much of an impact as we can!

Use hashtag #GonnaGetchaThereBoys and tag us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so we can keep track of all the rad stuff y'all are posting from the shows!

love & light,
Penn + Jude