Obligatory 'Leaving Austin & The Lost Tribe' update

old settlers music fest was such a rad time. so many/much campfires, instruments, knowledge, and guidance for the journey ahead. it's a perfect way to leave Austin, really, surrounded by strangers-turned-friends singing songs and truths to our fellow brothers and sisters. in the past month or so, I've met 3 life-changing people and can't wait for all my buds to meet these rascals. we're really quite a bundle of interestingness.

Jude Kincer is my folksingin' ramblin' older brother always teaching me more about the road. Trevor Steadman is my spiritual brotha from anotha motha always giving me new ways to look at life and reminding me to unplug and appreciate the raw beauty around me. And Vi Pocket is like a spirit festie faerie mother in a human body who holds us all together and keeps our energy on point.

inspired by Nahko Bear and The Tribe, we've landed on the band name of The Lost Tribe to highlight our different and unique way of life. the hard travelin, city buskin', van drivin' adventure it is. at every festival, show, gathering, yoga event, or even if you see us in public somewhere, whenever you're lost, come find us, and we'll make sure you feel home again!

so yeah, we're leaving austin for now, BUT we've got one more show tonight! our buddy Skyler is leaving tomorrow back to his farm up north so we're playing his send off party (which happens to be our going on tour farewell). if you wanna catch us before we leave Austin, please swing by! we'll probably be playing around 8:30 or so and we'll have some other solo artists and rad bands playing throughout the night.

thank you from the caverns of my soul to all my austin friends and family. y'all have inspired, humbled, and molded me even more. time again to keep exploring and to hit the road. had to happen sooner or later. we'll be back for Kerrville Folk Festival! stay groovy Texas! 
east coast: we comin' fo yuh :P

last Austin show tonight: 
Skywalker and friends BBQ send off

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