Folk & Fire

Host Penn Johnson & 1GirlFire for a healing acoustic musical performance accompanied by fire spinning, hooping, poi, eating, and breathing. Folksinging started as a way to tell a story, an intimate exchange between songwriter and audience. Since its discovery, fire has been used in ceremonial native traditions. Merging these two elements from their ancestors in a good and sacred way, Penn + 1GirlFire bring a new kind of medicinal house concert to spaces across the globe. Returning to the age-old tradition of storytelling, with an encore fire performance set to the beat of Penn’s mantras, inspiration and a meditative mindset are sure to be triggered. Invite your community to share the experience. Click the ‘Host’ button below and fill out the form with your personal vision to hold an event near you!


Backyard or 20’ x 20’ space needed
Hosting costs nothing
10 guest minimum (sliding scale donation $20-40)
Optional Pot-Luck (preferably vegan)