campfire Concerts

howdy y'all,
Penn here.

Folksinging started as a way to tell a story with music and now that music is largely focused on ticket sales and "draw," the intimate exchange between songwriter and audience is limited. House Concerts are a chance to acknowledge our collective consciousness through the age-old tradition of storytelling and face-to-face communication. If I'm coming to your area, I'd love to play around a fire pit or in your living room for anywhere from 15 to 100 people. There's not a whole lot to plan. It helps to give people 1 hour to chat and eat. A typical set is somewhere between 50-70 minutes. Somewhere around where an intermission would be, the host makes a small announcement about making sure I've got cash to keep me going and I "pass the hat" for donations.

No space is too small
You choose the people invited
Hosting costs you nothing (guests pay a sliding scale donation of $5-20 )
Optional Pot-Luck

Frequently Asked (and Answered) Questions

photo: Jeanette Warner

photo: Jeanette Warner