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As the world wakes up to the immense powers of energy healing, we come closer again to our once-flourishing collective consciousness. This healing takes many forms and is based around a conscious community of open-hearted individuals dedicated to living their lives for a higher purpose. Our workshop unifies yoga, meditation, and reiki led to the beat of music that awakens and inspires manifestation of peace and unity through personal action and spiritual expansion. Together we will explore the many realms of consciousness and plant medicines working toward healing our minds, bodies, and spirits. At the end of our time together, everyone will have a renewed faith in themselves, an understanding of our collective purpose, and a commitment to aim their arrow toward their destined path, wherever that may be.

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campfire concert

Folksinging started as a way to tell a story and now the intimate exchange between songwriter and audience is limited. House Concerts return to the age-old tradition of storytelling and face-to-face communication. As a host, there's not a whole lot to plan. It helps to give people 1 hour to chat and eat, a typical set is somewhere between 50-70 minutes, and somewhere around where an intermission would be, the host makes a small announcement about making sure "passing the hat" for donations. Simple as that!

No space is too small
Hosting costs you nothing
(guests pay a sliding scale donation of $10-20)
Optional Pot-Luck (preferably vegetarian or vegan)
Campfire Jam Sessions

Frequently Asked (and Answered) Questions

cooking concert

Penn here.
You might not know this, but since college I've been cooking for myself and making up original dishes as I go. Just sorta whatever's healthy and might taste good. Recently, I started switching up my diet and eating organic, local (when I can) and non-GMO vegan foods. Since I'm living this life I figure I might as well offer to help others start.

I come to your place
We talk about what foods you might like to try
Make a loose shopping list
Back to your house for prep
I help you on and off with cooking
You (or both of us) eat
Private concert for whoever's present

I'm new to this so I'm open to any creative advice and creating a unique one-time or recurring experience. Fill out this form, tell me what you wanna do, give me your budget, and let's make it happen!


live music yoga

Live acoustic music accompaniment for public or private classes.

Since 2015, Penn has traveled the United States performing at countless yoga classes and festivals from Maine to Los Angeles to Austin. He recently played Barefoot & Free Yoga Fest in Detroit, MI opening for Desert Dwellers and lended his efforts this fall as the first person to perform at Wanderlust 108 in Austin, TX. His unique percussive guitar and lyrically poetic style is inspired by countless genres and a love for mind/body meditation. Penn is a completely self-funded and independent artist whose cerebral music encourages all who listen to contemplate the deeper purposes of our lives.

"An amazing voice and a transcending, groovy acoustic set that will open your heart, calm your mind, and ignite your soul."

"Penn’s musical addition added a magical dimension. We settled in listening to his beautiful sound and worked our way into a steady flow. He intuitively followed along, understanding that sometimes a softer tone is called for and sometimes a driving beat."