Penn Johnson & The Lost Tribe are weaving spiritual consciousness through stories and songs inspired by a life of campfires, road journeys, and nature escapades.  At live shows, their unique style is reminiscent of danceable spoken word as Penn's gruff vocals latch onto catchy hooks and upbeat strums while Jude Kincer's lead guitar guides the melody. Stream-of-consciousness vignettes of Penn and the Tribe's experiences encourage audiences to sing and release their spirits through movement.

Penn & The Tribe have played alongside Troll 2, Ley Line, Harsh Armadillo, Roots of Creation, Wendy Colonna, Joey Harkum of Pasadena, The Mighty Stef, and others since they hit the road. They've appeared at The March Against Monsanto, UNH's SolarFest, U Maine's Earth Day, Austin Earth Day, Empire Control Room, Cheer Up Charlie's, Scruffy City Hall, The Mint, The Velvet Lounge, and other venues, farmers markets, campfires, yoga studios, and festivals from the Northeast US to Los Angeles to Austin.

Penn & The Tribe urge others to realize their everyday choices have impacts. They mostly sing about trees, bees, & keepin' the peace at traditional venues, intimate House Concerts, and Yoga events.