Penn Johnson is raising vibrations by weaving mysterious virtue through lyrical storytelling. With a deep reverence for nature and mind/body meditation, he travels across the US living a minimalist plant-based vanlife performing intimate campfire concerts and playing live music for yoga amidst other gigs and spontaneous destination hunting. Traveling well over 100,000 miles in the last year alone, Penn has shared the stage with Desert Dwellers, Nathan Feinstein (Iya Terra), Treehouse!, Sun-Dried Vibes, Joey Harkum (Pasadena), Brandon Hardesty (Bumpin Uglies), Sessions Americana, and One Tribe Movement at events such as The Women's March for Freedom, South Florida Folk Festival, and The March Against Monsanto.

Penn's sound is best described as danceable spoken word with poetic vocals and percussive strumming. His sophomore record Experiencing Turbulence includes songs like 'Another Year,' an anthem about 'opening our minds to forgiveness' and 'Not Here To Argue,' explaining Penn is here to tell stories and 'then take his leave.' Penn's newest unreleased material is a spiritual sage-bomb shedding light into the dark forests of consciousness and illuminating a more harmonious life. His highly-anticipated new single 'Together We Rise' is coming soon.

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