Penn Johnson & The Lost Tribe are weaving consciousness through storytelling and a life of wandering. Driven by folksinging heroes and the beat generation Penn and the Tribe's writings are inspired by a life of campfires, shows, long drives, and nature journeys.

At live shows, Penn and The Tribe's unique style is reminiscent of danceable spoken word storytelling. Penn's gruff vocals latch onto catchy hooks and upbeat strums while Jude Kincer's lead guitar guides and aides in soothing the senses. Together they encourage audiences to sing along and release their spirits through movement. Timeless, groovy acoustic story songs give stream-of-consciousness vignettes of Penn and the Tribe's experiences with a theme of hope for our spiritual revolution.

Penn plays a Seagull Natural Elements guitar and urges others to realize our everyday choices have impacts far beyond our understanding. He refers to his fans as Barbaloots, the creatures in Dr. Seuss's The Lorax. Penn's second full-length solo album 'Experiencing Turbulence' is out now.