photo: Joe Heimbach

Penn Johnson

Penn Johnson is weaving consciousness through storytelling, His spoken word music and raw authentic energy encourage audiences to release their spirits through movement. A free spirit, he spreads the music flowing through him indebted to those who inspire and guide. Whilst living in Austin, Texas Penn linked up with Jude Kincer and they formed The Lost Tribe. Searching for adventures, campfires, and spreading their medicinal musical energy, the Tribe is always on the move so catch them before they disappear.

Jude Kincer

Jude Kincer has been traveling the US for several years, hitching rides with strangers, hopping trains, and busking for enough cash to move along to the next place. Inspired by Jimi Hendrix, Chris Cornell, and Thomas Kalnoky, his lead guitar soothes and guides Penn's rhythmic strumming and fast-paced word flow adding a dimension of faster-paced tasteful solos and licks appropriate for the song. Known for a booming voice and smile, Jude has recently begun writing songs and continues to expand his musical talents daily.