Experiencing Turbulence
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Penn's sophomore solo record "Experiencing Turbulence" is comprised of songs whose lyrics, inspiration, and musical style are a combination of eclectic variety best described as: the political-mindedness of Bob Dylan & Nahko Bear; the cleverness and thought-evoking hilarity of Todd Snider; the finger-picking and gruffness of Kris Kristofferson; the catchiness and upbeat rhythm of Langhorne Slim; the soul and infectiousness of Allen Stone & Trevor Hall; and the timeless story songs of Arlo Guthrie & Townes Van Zandt.

It is an experiment into how music can combine political undertones, spontaneous playing patterns, stories, and satirical lyricism to be memorable, catchy, & entertaining, yet remain authentic to who Penn is as an artist. The lyrical stories (often partially-spoken when performed live) serve as the backbone of this album, depicting the alienating struggle of a new musician searching for inspiration, purpose, and enlightenment.

Or something like that. We're all just experiencing a little turbulence...

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Penn Johnson is part of a dying breed; wandering the world in search of fresh vegetables, a new community, and a place to hang his hat. A storyteller by nature and a folksinger by trade, he's chiseled himself a genre dubbed SoulFolk Storytelling inspired by talkin' blues, soulful lyrics, and mind/body meditation. He's spent the last couple of years on the road telling stories and entertaining a myriad of audiences.

His keen interest in songwriting was spurred after spending the summer of 2014 with a nonprofit opposing gas extraction in Northeast Pennsylvania. Sleepless nights in stranger towns searching for adventure and companionship have smoothed his storytelling craft and inspired him to look beyond the idea of personalized fame and to instead focus on spreading the music flowing through him as far as possible for the sake of the song.

At live shows, Penn's unique style is more reminiscent of spoken word than folk music. His gruff vocals latch onto catchy hooks and upbeat strums, encouraging audiences to drift away into their minds and release their spirits through movement. Amidst timeless, groovy, & funkadelic acoustic songs, Penn's stories give stream-of-consciousness vignettes of his experiences –– ranging from hitch-hiking in Australia to death threats in Pennsylvania –– and call for a return to a loving, peaceful existence.