"Experiencing Turbulence"



Penn Johnson is part of a dying breed; wandering the world in search of fresh vegetables, community, and a place to hang his hat. A storyteller by nature and a folksinger by trade, he's chiseled himself a genre dubbed SoulFolk Storytelling. Reminiscent of spoken word, he combines gruff vocals, catchy hooks, and upbeat strums that encourage audiences to drift into their minds and release their spirits through movement.

Penn's joined forces with the March Against Monsanto, Bernie Sanders, and played alongside bands like Troll 2, Sonny Jim Clifford, Harsh Armadillo, Roots of Creation, and Big Mean Sound Machine since he hit the road. He urges folks to reduce their eco-footprint, shop at farmers markets, support local businesses, and realize the impacts of our choices. Referring to his fans and bandmates as Barbaloots––the creatures in Dr. Seuss's The Lorax––he mostly sings about trees, bees, & keepin' the peace at venues, intimate House Concerts, Yoga events, and private shindigs.

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10/29 – Annual McCarthy Halloween Party – Haverhill, MA – 4:20 pm (click for details)

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live Music for yoga

“Penn’s melodic accompaniment was the elixir with which I could softly settle my body into the postures…. It’s nothing like listening to a pre-recorded playlist, Penn was right there with us, truly participating in the yoga class as he played; reading body language, sensing our inhalations and our exhalations. While we were moving and breathing, he was creating sound to allow us to be carried further and further inward.”

An amazing voice and a transcending, groovy acoustic set that will open your heart, calm your mind, and ignite your soul."

House Concerts

Folksinging started as a way to tell a story with music. Now that music is largely focused on ticket sales, the intimate exchange between songwriter and audience is limited. House Concerts are a chance to hear the tales that never get told onstage, to chat, and to acknowledge our collective consciousness.

No space is too small
You choose the people invited
Hosting costs nothing
Optional Pot-Luck or BYO event